About Us

When our adult participants begin at PRISM, they enter an environment of both old and new relationships and exciting possibilities. As they become more comfortable and secure, they gain the self-confidence and skills that will support their individual journeys. Community learning and especially job sites are key elements that help distinguish PRISM from other programs.

Retail Job Site Stocking Inventory
Retail Job Site Participant Stocking Shelves

Each day our participants are presented with opportunities to achieve their personal goals. With our coaching staff’s support, they are able to accept life’s challenges, and together we celebrate their victories. By building caring relationships and finding creative approaches, we help those we serve gain independence by reaching their full potential.

PRISM Job Site Stocking Inventory
Retail Job Site Refreshing Inventory

Benefits of PRISM:

•  Structured programs developed to help stimulate participant’s minds;

•  3 hours of community learning while in the community with a primary focus on job sites;

•  Provide families comfort that their special adult is part of productive program so they too can try to “worry less” and continue with their productive lives;

•  No participants will “veg out” or sit in front of a television all day;

•  Committed staff with invested interest to make the program successful; and 

•  Staff includes parents of special needs young adults.

PRISM is founded on the following guiding principles:

•  PURPOSE. Start each day with purpose, self-fulfillment, and have a goal to work toward.

•  RELATIONSHIPS. Learn to initiate and maintain relationships necessary for work and recreation.

•  INDEPENDENCE. Work on independence skills both at home and on the job site in order to be able to self-advocate and ultimately become more self-sufficient.

•  SERVICE. Become part of the community by working at job sites and/or participating in volunteer opportunities.

•  MENTORSHIP. Learn to become a leader and help mentor others who may walk in your footsteps. 

PRISM Participants Enjoying Lunch Break
Participants Enjoying Lunch Break

Learn More About Us:

•   History – Learn how PRISM began.  We are very pleased with the progress of PRISM’s programs and look forward to keep building on this in the future.

•   Program and Services – Learn more about our programs and the participants we serve at PRISM. 

•   Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles – Learn about PRISM’s mission and values that will guide our organization into the future.