Adult Program Staff

Marilynn Martinez

Executive Director

Marilynn is a founder and has been the Executive Director of PRISM since June 2012.  She is also a proud parent of two children, one with special needs.  Her child with special needs is currently in his late teens, on the Autistic Spectrum and attends a center based public high school.  Once her child was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Marilynn assumed the role of advocate for him in the public school system, private community programs and within the healthcare system.   In 2000 she put her aspiring corporate career aside to focus on her son and his complex needs.  Initially, she continued to work on a part-time basis and then in 2005 she left corporate life completely.  With over 20 year’s corporate experience, Marilynn had worked at several large area companies that included RJ Reynolds Nabisco, Norrell Corporation, and SunTrust Bank.  Her corporate roles ranged from various management roles of increasing responsibility to Assistant Vice President.  Marilynn has a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from Keene State College of The University of New Hampshire.   Marilynn also has volunteered her time providing assistance with support groups, teacher/classroom support, and hospice care.


Christine Waugh

Lead Job Coach

Chris has been a Lead Job Coach since January 2013.  She also volunteered as a PRISM job coach during the 2012 summer program.  Previously Chris has worked as an office manager for a prominent local land developer and office park owner for over 20 years.  She has 2 daughters, one in college and one with special needs.  Her daughter was officially diagnosed with intellectual disabilities by age 3 and, so began their journey into the special needs world so many of us know.  She has logged many hours as a school volunteer in the special needs department over the years and has always enjoyed a unique bond with the children, teachers and para-professionals as well as those unsung heroes the special education bus drivers.


Madeline Collins

Job Coach

Madeline has been a Job Coach since June 2013.  She also volunteered as a PRISM job coach during the 2012 summer program.  Madeline has two sons, one who has a disability and is in his early 20’s .  Her son was born with Down Syndrome and later diagnosed with Autism at age nine  and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder at age 20.  After her son was born, Madeline left her career and devoted herself to her son’s development and advocacy work.  For the first five years of her son’s life, Madeline implemented a daily home therapy program supervised by Robert Doman who is the  Director of The  National Association for Child Development.  Madeline is a graduate of AADD’s Partners in Policymaking Program and was trained to advocate for her son and others in her community.  She has assisted other families with IEP Planning, Social Security and Guardianship.  In 2002, Madeline was appointed to the Fulton County MH/MR/SA Regional Board.  Madeline has a Bachelor of Social Work and Sociology Degree from Cedar Crest College and a Master of Counseling Degree with a specialty in Group Therapy from Marywood University.  Madeline had a 20 year career as a Substance Abuse Counselor in many different government, private and corporate settings.  Her last position was Treatment Director of a Day Program for adults who were diagnosed with both addiction and mental health challenges.  For the past several years, Madeline has been a substitute teacher primarily in classrooms with children who have disabilities and/or behavior problems.