Mission & Vision

If you have a child with special needs who is 18 years or older and are looking for a meaningful program once they “age out” of high school, then PRISM may be what you are looking for!


Changing the way the community sees people with developmental disabilities and recognizing that every life has a purpose.


PRISM participants enjoying time in the community
Enjoying time in the community

To be North Fulton County’s foremost service provider for the adult special needs community through individualized programs, specialized support, and community inclusion.

Guiding Principles

PRISM is founded on the following guiding principles:

•  PURPOSE. Start each day with purpose, self-fulfillment, and have a goal to work toward.

•  RELATIONSHIPS. Learn to initiate and maintain relationships necessary for work and recreation.

•  INDEPENDENCE. Work on independence skills both at home and on the job site in order to be able to self-advocate and ultimately become more self-sufficient.

•  SERVICE. Become part of the community by working at job sites and/or participating in volunteer opportunities.

•  MENTORSHIP. Learn to become a leader and help mentor others who may walk in your footsteps.