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PRISM Job Site Organizing Books
PRISM Job Site Organizing Books

If you are looking to diversify your workforce to include employees that have disabilities, partnering with PRISM is a great option. Through PRISM, businesses can have capable people with varying abilities perform jobs or necessary employment tasks at no cost to you. Our participants are not paid and are simply looking for the fulfillment gained by performing on the job and being part of a team.

At no cost to the business, PRISM Job Coaches serve as liaisons between the business and the participant, ensuring a smooth and productive work experience. PRISM provides the support each individual needs to perform a job that meets his/her strengths and interests. Our coaches help them master job skills needed to be successful.

The Job Site Program helps our special needs adults gain job experience that may ultimately lead to rewarding employment in the community. To ensure a smooth work experience, we provide pre-vocational training as needed to help equip the participant with important job or workplace skills.

Through our Job Sites, many individuals with developmental disabilities have performed meaningful work while helping to diversify and humanize the workplace.

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PRISM Retail Job Site Participant Unloading Boxes
Retail Job Site Participant Unloading Boxes


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