PRISMarket opened in late 2013. PRISM welcomes you to visit our “simulated city” complete with business and visitor center and featuring an ongoing weekly flea market! As an adjunct to the PRISM Adult Services Program, the PRISMarket enables our junior staffers an opportunity to learn how to manage aspects of a business and take part in the “day to day” operations. It also serves as a creative outlet by featuring hand-made merchandise. 100% of the proceeds directly benefit the program. By shopping our PRISMarket, you can feel good knowing you are giving back to your community. In addition, if you have items that you would like to donate to the PRISMarket, we will be happy to take them. All donations are tax deductible.

PRISMarket flea market opens!!
PRISMarket flea market opens!!


Come enjoy our ever growing array of house-made PRISMarket spa and beauty products, gift items, baked goods and other treats all created by our amazing junior staff in training!! We welcome you to come shop PRISMarket and meet our junior staff.

Please visit us; you will be glad you did!  For location information see contact us.


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