Summer Program

The PRISM Summer Program serves ages 16 and up and is a modified version of the Adult Services Program  contingent upon individual needs.

Summer Program provides community & facility based services and includes: 

Daily Living Program
Daily Living Program

Job Site Training.  Provides vocational skills training in the Job Site setting.  PRISM works with many local and national companies, providing job fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment for participants.  Job site training is offered and the jobs are tailored to the skills and abilities of each individual. Job Site opportunities include assembly, packaging, sorting, collating, organizing, stocking and more.

Life Skills Training.  Engages special needs adults in a variety of personalized programs.  PRISM helps our participants achieve new levels of community and personal interaction while promoting independence, self-esteem and socialization.

Do it yourself ("DIY") Ice Cream Party
Do it yourself (“DIY”) Ice Cream Party

Life Long Learning.  Improves reading comprehension, writing skills and “real world” math problem solving.  Participants engage in a variety of skill-building and learning activities, including academic exercises, community outings and job related situations.

Fun.  It’s not all work and no play at PRISM.  The summer is filled with weekly and monthly outings planned by our participants.  Bowling, cookouts, and swimming are the most popular choices.

Additional Summer Services:

Aquatic swim therapy, additional community outings and sports recreation therapy…

PRISM Yummy Ice Cream For Us
Enjoying our ice cream creations

Hours of Operation:

8 week progam, months of June and July, Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

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