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Our transition programs help individuals with special needs build long-term independence and become contributing members of the community.

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Our Daily Program

We are an approved Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency and provide a number of services, including our daily program. Our innovative daily program ensures that people needing support have opportunities to continue learning and growing. Our curriculum includes life and employment skills training, one-on-one job coaching, and real work experience at job sites. We also engage with the community in a number of ways, including volunteering and working on outsourced projects.

Life skills and job skills instruction

Individualized one-on-one coaching

Community interaction and inclusion

Operating year round, Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM, PRISM is perfect for young adults with developmental challenges who are motivated to be the best they can be!

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PRISM Micro-enterprises

We believe there is no experience like hands-on experience. To offer the most experiential program possible, we have created multiple micro-enterprises, which are essentially small businesses run by our participants.

These micro-enterprises allow our participants an opportunity to use and hone their talents and skills in real-life employment situations, while still working with the natural supports that PRISM provides.

PRISM Planet Patrol

This pick-up recycling service reinforces our green initiatives and offers our participants a fulfilling community work experience.

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PRISMarket is an exciting and dynamic business operated entirely by our participants. Shopping here is an excellent way to support us.

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Our Other Services

Looking for services beyond our daily program? We've got something for everyone.

For Businesses and Nonprofits

Tap into our workforce for almost any project imaginable.

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For Schools with Special Students

We offer programs ranging from electives to after-school training sessions.

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What's Happening at PRISM

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What People are Saying

"Because of the individual attention the job coaches could provide, McKenna was able to formulate strategies and learn skills that will help her become a valuable member of the workforce. During her time attending the summer program I was amazed as her independence and confidence grew leaps and bounds. I cannot wait to see what next summer holds."

Maureen B.

Daughter McKenna attended PRISM 2018 Summer Program

"We partner with PRISM many times throughout the year as we prepare for our annual fundraising events. The employees are kind and hardworking and always bring great energy! The coaches add to the ease of the experience by providing direction and supervising the team so that the group can work independently freeing our staff to tackle other projects. "

Shelia Perkins

Volunteer and Community Events Coordinator at Northside Hospital, give.northside.com

"Harper's experience at PRISM has been absolutely phenomenal. The individual care that the job coaches provide far exceeds what I had hoped PRISM could deliver.   At home I witness the growth and positive results that the curriculum conveys.  It has opened my eyes even more to what Harper is able to accomplish."

Fred M.

Stepdaughter Harper has attended PRISM for 5 months

A Message From Our Director and Founder

Many of us with special needs children who are nearing the end of high school experience the stomach-churning thoughts of “what’s next” and “how do I prepare my child who thrives on structure and consistency?”. I am all too familiar with this feeling. My son Connor has left the safety net of high school and has Autism Spectrum Disorder. I understand.

As a parent of a special needs son, I have hands on experience with knowing what opportunities are important and meaningful. I also feel strongly that we are all in this together. At PRISM, we pursue opportunities for lifelong learning, and we believe it is important for learning and focus to be based upon inclusion with the community at large. I know from experience that PRISM will provide a sense of peace for your family; peace in knowing that your son or daughter is safe, respected, and in an environment which supports continued growth.

My hope is that each and every individual we serve receives validation that they are important and has much to offer, and that they have the opportunity to experience life like the rest of us. I am confident that if you choose to explore PRISM’s program for your son or daughter, that they will be able to start each day filled with a sense of purpose. And you will be able to look forward to the fact that, with the right supports and acceptance, the best is yet to come.


Marilynn Martinez

Executive Director

Connor's Mom

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