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How We Help Businesses

Our team helping with food prep at A&S Culinary Concepts.

Helping to care for the animals and make cat treats at Atlanta Humane Society.

Assembling, folding, and bagging newspapers for Appen Media Group.

Our Value

Dozens of North Fulton businesses and nonprofit organizations rely on our team throughout the year for various types of support. Whether you have a project with a tight deadline, or a set of tasks without employees on staff to finish them, we are here to help.

Advantages to Engaging Our Team


We can manage a variety of work and projects in a cost-effective manner.


Engaging us shows the community that you care about supporting people with disabilities.


Our relationships with our business partners go far beyond the work we complete and the tasks we perform.


Our team can adapt to any project, thanks to the oversight of our vocational trainers.

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We make an immediate and substantial impact at every business we partner with. But don't take our word for it.

Services We Specialize In

Event Preparation

We are a reliable source of talent for anyone needing help getting ready for an event.  The list of events we have experience with is vast:

  • Golf and tennis tournaments
  • Annual medical insurance mailings
  • Summer camp packets
  • Fundraisers
  • Condiment stand maintenance at a local concert venue
  • Floral arrangements
  • Party favors for weddings, showers and birthday parties

And more!

We stuff, bag, box, fold, collate, alphabetize, count, organize, affix stickers, lift, carry, stencil, paint, mail, the possibilities are endless!

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Newspaper Assembly

We are adept at folding and bagging newspapers of any type. You know the local papers delivered at the foot of your driveway? PRISM may very well have been the folks that got them ready for delivery! Email us for inquiries


Our affordable recycling service makes it easy to go green. Our business clients and their employees love seeing our staff on pickup day, and it's an easy way to directly support our mission.

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We love working in the retail, restaurant, and wellness industries!

Product assembly and stocking

Brick and mortar retailers

Front desk and equipment sanitation

Gyms and fitness centers

Food Preparation

Restaurants and grocery stores

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What Our Business Partners Are Saying

"We partner with PRISM many times throughout the year as we prepare for our annual fundraising events. The employees are kind and hardworking and always bring great energy! The coaches add to the ease of the experience by providing direction and supervising the team so that the group can work independently freeing our staff to tackle other projects.
As a nonprofit we are often operating with limited staff and resources. PRISM has contributed to our fundraising success each year by helping us prepare for events that involve our top supporters."

Shelia Perkins

Volunteer and Community Events Coordinator at Northside Hospital,

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We offer affordable recycling for Fulton County businesses!