Micro-enterprises & Community

Why Micro-enterprises?

Micro-enterprises, the small-scale businesses we operate at PRISM, offer our participants hands-on experience unlike anything else. With the right direction and supervision, micro-enterprises allow our participants to practice independence and learn skills that may translate directly to future employment situations.

How our participants benefit:

Take initiative by learning to self-start.

Build self-confidence and increase self-awareness.

Learn real-world job skills and task management through teamwork.

Meet new people and experience more opportunities for community interaction.

Turn a hobby into a job!

Our Current Micro-enterprises

We operate a number of successful micro-enterprises, from recycling to an in-house artisanal market. These projects create value for the community and provide meaningful work opportunities for our participants.

PRISM Planet Patrol

PRISM Planet Patrol (PPP) is a grassroots recycling service designed to make it easier for you to recycle. With the help of our job coaches, our employees handle pickup from small businesses, sorting, and drop-off at local recycling centers. A couple of our customers have openly admitted that our visits to their workplaces are often the best part of their day!

Who we serve:
No limit! Any business, school, church, agency, or other entity interested in reducing their sanitation costs and going green.

Interested in booking PPP Recycling for your business and creating a job for someone in training?

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Our flea market-type shop is managed entirely by our program participants, with a little assistance from our staff. Our market is a strong aspect of our environmentally friendly initiative, as we reuse, resell and repurpose many items such as furniture, decor, jewelry, even cosmetics... We have it all!

Monday through Friday 9 AM to 3:30 PM, and 9 AM - 6 PM on Wednesdays

PRISM of Georgia (located in Roswell)

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Have an idea for a PRISM micro-enterprise? Have a special talent you would like to share? Is your entrepreneurial spirit itching to get out? We would love to hear from you!